Friday, 17 May 2013

I took Val and Mo into the Green Zone for the first time today. We explored the area around the station. I didn't see any tracks, or signs of large animals; whatever came to my window the other night was stealthy. Val got a headache, and Mo was sick, but other than that, they had no problems. I walked about while Mo was feeling bad, and found something interesting.

A white object poked out of the ground; I went over to it and pulled it out. I think it's some kind of prehistoric tool, carved from a tooth or bone. The tool is roughly cylindrical with rounded ends. It's yellow-white, about three inches long and an inch wide, with symbols scratched into the surface. I'm sure Xi would have known what it is. I took the tool back to the Jeep to show Val and Mo.

They were excited by the find; Val wants to take a sample and run some tests once the lab is equipped. Mo was feeling pretty bad by that point, so I drove us back. My plan is to take them deeper into the Green as soon as I can.

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