Saturday, 25 May 2013

I don't understand what I saw at the old station today.

We drove out early in the morning. I took one Jeep, Val and Mo another. They've adapted enough to the Green Zone that I don't need to be in the vehicle with them. We stayed on the edge of the Green, passing through areas that used to be outside of The Sick Land. I saw bare earth carpeted with rotting plants, where there had been fields only months before.

I drove to the site of the old station, stopped, got out of the Jeep and stared. When I heard the other Jeep pull up behind me, I turned and looked at Val and Mo. They were both confused. Because the station wasn't there.

I walked over to look more closely. Where the station had been, there was nothing but a deep crater. It looked as if a giant hand had pulled the station from the ground. Heading away from the crater, deeper into The Sick Land, was an enormous furrow. The furrow was the width of the crater and ten feet deep, stretching as far away as I could see.

I wanted to follow it, to see where it led. But not today.

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