Wednesday, 4 December 2013


I was disturbed last night by sounds coming from behind me. I'd hidden in a narrow tunnel that looked like it tapered off. I crawled back to look when I heard the sounds, and found that it led to a large open space. The tunnel opened near the top of a dome-shaped cave.

The cave was lit by a few piles of glowing coals. I looked down and saw there were creatures in the cave; I couldn't make them out in any great detail, but I could see they were carrying machines and parts. Some of them even seemed to be working on the machines, combing through piles of components until they found what they wanted, then banging it haphazardly into a device.

There's a connection between the facility and the creatures down here. I wonder if the facility is protecting them. Maybe this is where the experimental subjects go if they survive their treatment. Maybe the terrible shapes I think I can make out in the gloom are the future of the human race. Whatever they are, they all seem to be involved with the machines. Perhaps they need something to keep them occupied, to stop them going insane from being trapped in these caves.

I saw Smith go down in the lift. She could have experienced a rapid change, and they wanted her away from everyone else. Or she could have been pushed out and ripped apart by the creatures. I don't have enough information. All I can do is keep exploring.

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