Friday, 6 December 2013


I can hear chanting. It sounds far off, and I've started walking toward the sound. In these black, endless tunnels, it's impossible to tell whether what I hear is miles away or around the next corner. All I can do is walk, and brood on the sickening certainty that has buried itself in my head: the creatures down here make the facility's equipment.

I've been telling myself it's insane, that there are other explanations, but nothing I try works. I think the things down here make all of the equipment for the facility. I think that's why nobody above understands how anything works, and why no two devices look even remotely similar. They haven't discovered some secret technological method to control the mal. They haven't discovered how to make technology work in The Sick Land. They've discovered nothing but another quirk they don't understand. Who knows if any of the results they have are accurate? The machines look like they work, but maybe they don't do what the researchers think they do. It's utterly clear to me now that the only true research happening here happens on the level above; they obviously have no ideas on how to hold back The Sick Land. They just want to make sure that humans are changed enough to survive when it comes. The rest of the facility is a sham. It's probably only there to provide research subjects.

As I type this, I'm looking at my laptop and wondering if it was built down here. I think it was. I think if I opened it up, random parts would pour out, and I'd see that nothing in there was connected up. I'm not going to do that. This is all I have.

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