Tuesday, 17 December 2013


I couldn't find a way out.

I checked every door, and even took the front panel off of the lift. Nothing worked. There are no stairs I can access from the parts of the facility that aren't sealed off. I might be able to get through one of the sealed doors with some heavy-duty equipment, but it would take hours, and I'm so tired.

My bones ache. I haven't been able to keep food down for days. All I can do is sip water. I want nothing more than to lie down and go to sleep, but I can't. I just stare at the ceiling all night. I feel like I'm falling apart. Today, as I walked through the corridors, I felt like something was following me. It was always just out of sight, but I could hear it breathing as if it were right behind me. I spun, and realised it was my own breath. I sound like I've climbed a mountain.

I went back to the secure lift, the one I came up in. It's not working now, and I know how lucky I was to be able to use it. I can hear thumping and scraping through the doors. I can't tell how far away it is or what's causing it. I'm not even sure I'm really hearing it. I think it's the creatures. I think they're coming for me.

I need to find a way out, but I feel like I'm running out of time. Staring at this screen is making my head spin.

I've just come back from the bathroom. I vomited. There was blood in it.

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