Sunday, 1 December 2013


After a dreamless sleep, I woke up next to the lift. The guards were gone, and I had an access card with a crimson smear across one side. My fingernails were caked with blood.

I knew I had no time, so I swiped the card through the slot and got into the lift. I felt my stomach shoot up as the lift accelerated, and it descended for longer than I would have thought possible. The doors opened, and what I saw made no sense.

There was no building. I stepped out and looked back. The lift was embedded in a craggy rock face. The only light came from the instrument panel on the lift. I brought out my torch, wound it, and shone the light around the area. I was in a tunnel carved into the rock. There was a pile of equipment and parts by the lift. I recognised some of the components from machines I'd seen on the floors above. I had no idea what it was doing there. I needed to get away from the lift, as it was the first place they'd look for me. I headed into the tunnel.

There was no light anywhere, and I wondered how the tunnel was used. It branched multiple times; the cave system was enormous. I walked and walked, until I was lost and exhausted. I found a small alcove off the main tunnel where I could hide.

I'm too tired to think about what this means.

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