Monday, 9 December 2013


I've stayed hidden in the alcove. It's too dangerous to go out. I can hear gunfire, and screaming, and the rasping howls of the creatures.

The mayhem started shortly after I made it back into hiding. I heard the creatures screaming and running. After about half an hour, it went silent. I thought maybe it was over, maybe the creatures had all killed themselves. It wasn't that. A huge explosion echoed through the tunnels, making my ears ring.

The gunfire and the human screams started after that. I curled up in my hiding place. I kept expecting to hear boots, to see the barrel of a rifle come around the corner. I didn't know what would happen then. They could just as easily kill me as save me. But no one came, so I never found out.

The noise has been dying down, as if the battle, or whatever it is, is moving away from me. I guess I'll soon know what's happened, one way or another. I'll stay here tonight, at least. Tomorrow, if it's quiet, I'll go out and see what I can find.

I haven't heard any more from the thing in the lake. I hope I never hear or see it again.

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