Tuesday 12 March 2013

Last day


Tomorrow I leave!

I'm excited to have the opportunity for field study; these positions are few and far between, and I'd like to thank my supervisor, Professor Grant Ramirez, for sponsoring my application.

I've set up this blog as a diary come research log. I hope to update it as often as possible. I've been assured that the station has internet access; given its location, the service is obviously intermittent.

I'll also use the blog to talk about all things mal*; I hope to bring together as many disparate strands of research as I can.

Mainstream discussion of The Sick Land is hard to come by. I hope that, as a researcher in this area, I can help disseminate information pertaining to this fascinating area and its history.   

My next post will be sent from station Alpha!

* Mal - Of or pertaining to The Sick Land. I'll try to keep the academic jargon to a minimum. Nobody wants to read that.

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