Saturday, 21 December 2013

The End

This is my last post.

The facility is dark. Eviscerated bodies lie face down in the deepening water, their insides gradually rising. In places, the water is no more than ankle deep. Elsewhere, I'd have to swim. I couldn't find where the water was coming from. It's saltwater.

I splashed my way to the map room. Bizarrely, the map is working. There's no power, and some of the components are submerged. Nevertheless, it flickers into life every so often. The Red is just touching the facility. The Yellow seems to be everywhere. I don't think many places will survive. The people at the Antarctic research station, maybe.

The lift I came up in was open, but the water in the corridor was waist deep, so I didn't bother going to look at it. The other lift is still closed. When I checked it, water was seeping through the crack between the doors.

The whole facility creaks and rocks like an ancient ship. I guess it won't be long before it collapses in on itself. Being crushed to death is a better way to go than the alternative.

I haven't dared look in a mirror. My skin, what's left of it, hangs from my stinging flesh in folds. Occasionally, I spit out a tooth. There are foxes in my room. From the wardrobe, I can hear them splashing and yelping. I wonder if they'd be there if I looked out. I can barely see to type these words. I'd have thought the air would be getting thin, but I can feel a sea breeze blowing onto me.

I passed out.

There's something out there.

It shines like the sun.