Wednesday, 20 March 2013

We went deeper into the Green Zone.

Bob took some samples of mal cases. I get the impression his research isn't going well. He needs something to put in a paper when he gets back.

There's little animal life in the Green Zone. There are animals that have lived in The Sick Land for enough generations that they die if you remove them. Evolution provides wonderful solutions, even when the problem space keeps changing. Those animals don't like the Green Zone. There are also animals that hover on the fringes, constantly prone to mal. They don't tend to come this deep. All I've seen is a bird. I couldn't tell what it was.

Bob snipped some grass. He showed it to me, but the mal just looked like the black of dying grass. He also found a bush with some desiccated berries. They didn't look mal to me; he said it was the seeds inside that were wrong.

I didn't feel too bad when we got back. I'll see if we can go near the Yellow Zone. I'd like to take some pictures.

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