Sunday, 17 March 2013


I spent the night throwing up.

The Sick Land does something to the balance in your gut, affects your inner ear. Most people are ill the first time.

I'd hoped that I'd be one of those cases, someone with ancestry, who can go into the Green Zone without adverse effects. They get the most out of their research. They get into the Yellow Zone quickly. Stanovich, one of the giants in our field, got specimens from the outskirts of the Red Zone. He died, but he put mal science forward by a decade.

I'll adapt. Bob told me that Sergei, the last guy here, had terrible sickness. He was so sick the first time, they nearly had him airlifted to hospital. But he got over it. Xi was okay, apparently. She felt nauseated, but she wasn't sick. Bob and Sergei rushed her into the edge of the Yellow. Maybe that's why she won't go out again.

We've spoken, now. She's nice enough. She's adamant about running out the clock. It's frustrating, as you need three researchers to go past the middle of the Green. Maybe she'll come around, or get her transfer. I'm not ready yet, anyway.

When I did sleep, I dreamed about pink against bark.

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