Thursday, 21 March 2013

I felt okay today. Not like before. Bob thinks I'm acclimatising to the Green Zone. I asked him  about going near the Yellow Zone. He wants some more research material before he goes, the deeper the better. Since Xi won't come out, the deep Green is the best we can do.

Bob and Xi had a long discussion about the relief. She wants to take the next place out. Bob wants to get more research done, but I get the impression he wants away from The Sick Land. I think he's going to be a gentleman and let Xi go, assuming they can arrange another relief for soon afterwards.

If Xi does get relieved, we need to organise a trip out to the Yellow Zone with the new recruit before Bob goes. You never know how you'll react to the mal in the Yellow; if three first-timers all went at once, it could be a disaster.

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